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We Are CrossLife Church!

CrossLife Church is located in Pflugerville, TX. We are here to connect people to Jesus and help believers live a more fulfilling life. At CrossLife you will:

Believe — Faith that follows Jesus changes your whole perspective. More joy, less guilt! Jesus is your totally trustworthy Friend and Savior.

Serve — Explore God’s plan and purpose for you, using the blessings he’s giving you. Love, care for, and serve others as part of God’s exciting mission.

Live — Practice convictions every day based on the teachings of the Bible. Develop healthy habits and enjoy awesome relationships.

Grow — Everybody needs a safe and life-changing place to explore, ask questions about God, discover next steps, and keep growing on a spiritual journey.


  • Wear whatever you want. We don’t care if you have tattoos.
  • Meet some great people. They have a past just like you.
  • Get some Bible guidance for clear next steps on your faith journey.
  • Find passion and purpose in serving others.
We just want to meet you 🙂
Beware: your kids will want to come back!


CrossLife loves helping kids learn Bible-based character, love Jesus with passionate faith, and become leaders in God's world.

Vacation Bible School

Over 70 kids explored Bible stories and discovered that "Jesus leads the way!" We caught some of the action on camera and it will make you smile!

Crosskids children's ministry
crosskids prayer

Join us Sunday mornings during service for a vibrant and fun children's ministry called CrossKids. We are on a mission to shepherd children to BELIEVE and love God, SERVE others, LIVE a fulfilling life, and GROW closer to Jesus.

Crosslife christian academy
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Pflugerville's Newest Elementary and Preschool. New student enrollment PreK 3 to 4th grade is open for the 24/25 school year!



Welcome to CrossLife Church! Some of us moved to Austin, TX from other states. Others have always lived in Texas. Many of us grew up in a Christian home. A few of us have come to know Jesus for the first time here. At CrossLife, we're a family that nurtures fulfilling relationships closer to Jesus and each other. No matter where you're from, whether you've been a believer your whole life, you’re just beginning your faith journey, or you want to explore God in a safe place, you are welcome at CrossLife Church. We invite you to get to know us better.

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Scaredy-Cat or Lion Chaser

The difference between a scaredy-cat and a lion-chaser is measuring everything against the only almighty, faithful God. It’s time to quit running away from what scares you. This true Bible story about a warrior who killed a lion shows how obstacles become opportunities.
Test drive this sermon in the above video. Or watch the entire sermon here to find out just how powerful lions can be, what scares Pastor Daron, and a lesson from the Wright brothers about God-sized dreams.

Lamb of God

Why are kids so attracted to lambs? For the same reason Jesus is called the Lamb of God. In the book of Revelation, 26 verses mention the Lamb of God compared to 4 verses in the rest of the New Testament combined. Here are a few that will reignite your worship.
Test drive this sermon in the above video. Or watch the entire sermon here for a Christian version of Mary Had a Little Lamb, and some teaching in the book of Revelation about Jesus.

Love Never Fails

The failure of love can be a problem, but so can our faulty interpretation of failed love. This look at love in action shows the best way to interpret failed love: God's love never fails.

Test drive this sermon in the above video. Or watch the entire sermon here for Bible teaching on “the love chapter” (1 Corinthians 13) and how not to replace God with a wedge salad.
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We at CrossLife love each other and we love our church! We'd like to get to know you, and with open arms we extend an invitation to you and your family to join us in worship this Sunday at 9:30AM on Kelly Lane, right here in Pflugerville, TX.
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Each week Pastor Daron delivers a Bible message that connects you to Jesus and his hope, joy and guidance. By applying biblical truths to real-life issues, our messages help you strengthen your relationships and discover God’s purpose for your life. Sunday mornings at 9:30 AM Central.
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