10/29/19– Noah’s Prayer

Pastor Daron CrossLife Blog

Dear Lord God, I have completed the ark as you have commanded. We’re all inside. You will need to secure the portals, when the time is right.

The animals are strangely subdued in a calm sense of what seems like fear. They hear the sounds of others from their families out there. I wonder if they realize they will never see them again.

Oh, how I am likewise afraid, Lord.

Can you not find favor on people out there as you have found on me? I am afraid for them, that their end is near. After 120 years they still do not listen.

Bring them into this ark. Give them more time. Your wrath has been aroused but I know your mercy is greater. Have mercy on these people.

And if not—if their wickedness has corrupted them and your created world beyond rescue—then let none of my family perish in the floodwaters. Keep this ark safe from destruction.

During the journey let me, your servant, act as an example of faith and obedience, even if it means I must give up my food, or my sleep, or even my life.

Dear Lord God, if in future generations this world’s wickedness ever grieves your heart again, do not destroy them but send a deliverer, greater than I, who obeys your commands and can save the wicked whom I cannot.

You have faithfully prepared me, my Lord. Except for my own heart that grieves like yours, I am ready for the rain.

PRAYER: Dear God, as you sent Noah to lead a rescue effort long ago, you also sent your own Son Jesus to be the world’s Savior. Noah lived, yet many died. Jesus died, so that many can live. Help me to be as obedient as Noah, and to heed your warnings that urge me to be prepared. Amen.

FURTHER MEDITATION: Read Genesis 6. For a full video message about the flood and what it means for us today, go to http://crosslifepf.org/sermon-archive/how-to-build-an-ark/.