12/30/19– Simeon

Pastor Daron CrossLife Blog

It was an ordinary day for most of those in the temple at Jerusalem. The scent of sacrifices filled the air. The boisterous bartering of the traders buying and selling worship supplies sounded like a flea market.

But Simeon had been told by God it was an extraordinary day.

God had previously promised Simeon that Jesus would be born during his lifetime, and now this day was the day. The Holy Spirit moved Simeon to enter the temple courts. Joseph and Mary were bringing the baby Jesus there for the first time. Simeon saw them. Saw his Savior, whom he called “light … salvation … glory” (Luke 2:30-32).

All Simeon’s hopes now came true. All his fears were now silenced. All his doubt was now dispelled. His reverence for God, whom he held in his arms, concluded, “You may now dismiss your servant in peace” (Luke 2:29). 

Now this aged believer was ready to die, having seen and held his Savior Jesus.

Typically it’s a crying baby who needs the comforting arms of a parent, but with the baby Jesus we find the opposite is true. It’s crying sinners who need the comfort of a Savior.

We become scared, thinking God has left us. We grow spiritually hungry for his forgiveness. Though we’re surrounded by people and possessions we get lonely and think that no one understands.

By faith we hold close to us our Savior Jesus, and he comforts us. He remains by our side through every trouble. He provides more forgiveness than we could ever need. He understands our fears, listens to our complaints, offers the perfect advice. He loves us and cares for us and helps us turn from our sinful ways.

We look confidently ahead into 2020, that Jesus will be there with us. Let him be your comfort today, tomorrow, next year and forever, and you’ll live and die in peace like Simeon.

PRAYER: Lord Jesus, my eyes have seen salvation in you! I’m holding on to you, trusting that you are holding on to me even more. Give me your peace that rules over all circumstances. Amen.

FURTHER MEDITATION: Read Luke 2:22-35 for the story of Simeon. Who is a “Simeon” in your life? Someone God has used to point you to Jesus? Thank God for them, and pray about being a Simeon to someone else.