12/6/19– Sharp

Pastor Daron CrossLife Blog

There was a rookie lumberjack who started out determined to chop down more trees than anyone else. He made it his goal to beat his company’s average tree count of 15 trees a day.

On his very first day, he felled 10 trees. He said to himself, “That’s pretty good for my first day.” But on the second day, he chopped down 10 again. No progress at all. Then on the third day, he managed only seven! Now he was puzzled, but not discouraged yet. He simply doubled his efforts the next day. Imagine his surprise when he finished with only five trees down!

Every day it got worse—no matter how hard or often he swung the ax, when each day ended, he had felled fewer trees than the day before.

After two weeks of discouragement, the young man approached a grizzled old veteran. “I don’t understand what’s going on. I work hard every day, swinging my ax from dawn to dusk, but I keep doing worse and worse. What can I be doing wrong?

Young fella,” the old man replied after a long pause, “I can see them calluses on your hands and bigger muscles in your arms, to prove you been swingin’ your ax. But let me ask you somethin’—When was the last time you sharpened your ax?

How about you? Is the daily grind dulling the weapon that God’s Word can be in your life? How fervently do you know, recall, and apply God’s Word to decisions? Is your understanding sharp about how God is involved in world events? How Jesus speaks truth against lies you believe? What the Bible teaches about prayer, parenting, coworkers, money management and conflict resolution? Is your love for Jesus pinpointed at the right priorities?

“Take … the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God” (Ephesians 6:17).

It’s time to stop swinging so fervently and sharpen up! Get your Bible and get back on track reading it. Memorize (again) your favorite Bible verses. Check out below the robust lineup of our Bible-based options for sharpening the sword of the Spirit at CrossLife Church.

In doing so you’ll find that the dullness begins to get an edge. The Spirit works and works to polish up your faith. And the sword of Lord in your hand slices through the most difficult problems.

PRAYER: It’s easy, Lord, to grow dull. I’m not as sharp as I want to be. I need your Spirit to sharpen my ax. I want your Word to glisten in me with an edge of faith, understanding and courage. Amen.

FURTHER MEDITATION: Which of the following can help you sharpen God’s Word in your life? CrossLife offers these ten Bible-based options for growth:

  1. Sunday message & video (subscribe to our YouTube Channel @CrossLife Church Pflugerville or find any messages and notes on our website CrossLifePf.org under the Messages tab)

  2. Sunday CrossKidz Connection & video (kids love our children’s message during worship, in 2020 we will be sharing the video with a private social media group you can join, then use it at home with the kids)

  3. Sunday message Facebook Live chat (in church or from your RV in New Mexico, get on Facebook life while Pastor Daron is preaching and chime in)

  4. CrossLife 2020 Bible Reading Journey http://crosslifepf.org/events/bible-reading/

  5. NEW in January 2020 “CrossTalk.” We will shorten the worship service and then wrap it up with interactive, pastor-led Bible teaching. Deepen your understanding and widen your practical use of the Sunday message. Just show up. Bring your Bible if you’d like. We’ll lead the way for you to live your faith.

  6. CrossWords Meditations. Good job!

  7. Facebook: devotions and daily prayer meme. Follow us on Facebook @CrossLifePfChurch. We post practical advice, positive encouragement and everyday guidance from God’s Word, as well as daily prayer memes you can easily share with friends.

  8. LifeGroups help you live the faith with people of your faith. http://crosslifepf.org/lifegroups/

  9. Jesus Loves Me and Jesus Leads Me are Pastor Daron’s small group Bible studies meeting weekly. Study Jesus and his teachings, exploring what CrossLife believes and growing in your faith. New group beginning in January. Talk to Pastor Daron.

Grace Talks devotion videos. 3 minutes of daily video Bible teaching. New series each week. https://timeofgrace.org/department/grace-talks/