2/24/20– Idols

Pastor Daron CrossLife Blog

The idols whose promises and pleasures attract us are not—Are Not!—the real deal. When our hearts find more fulfillment and satisfaction in them instead of God, we are worshipping creation instead of the Creator. And creation is “subjected to frustration” (Romans 8:20).

We self-medicate on alcohol or drugs, masking the symptoms of our deeper sin problems that then root themselves deeper into our lives. We crave affirmation and acceptance on social media, allowing others to determine our identity and drive our agenda, while avoiding the responsibilities God has designed for us each day. We open ourselves up to relationships with people who make us feel good, we overspend our way into heavy debt based on impulse shopping, we complain that we are so overcommitted and busy as if we are victims of a schedule that is controlling us—but only because we let it.

And then we experience an “aha” moment, that these idols don’t give us what God can give, can’t do what God can do, and aren’t able to deliver on all their false promises. In response to our initial, half-hearted regret, hoping we can hold our idols in one hand and God in the other, God says, “Go and cry out to the gods you have chosen. Let them save you when you are in trouble” (Judges 10:14).

God will not be one of a handful of gods in your heart and life. Get rid of the false gods and fear, love and trust in the only true God more than anything or anyone else. Cry out to God, “We have sinned” (Judges 10:15). He forgives. He is faithful.

What is the idol you turn to most often? It calls for your worship and you give it your time, attention and money until some point you realize it is taking more than it is giving. It cannot save you. Only God can. Say a prayer asking for God’s forgiveness and help so that you stop trying to manage your idol, and instead forsake it completely.

You don’t need it anymore because you have God. Seek God and be ready to receive new peace and freedom from him.

PRAYER: You are the only true God, eternal and loving Father. You are the only true Deliverer and Savior, Jesus. You are the only true Lord of life and faith and wisdom, Holy Spirit. Dear God, I need you, not fake gods, not idols. Amen.

FURTHER MEDITATION: Want some help understanding and eliminating your idols? This week, watch this short video series from Time of Grace https://youtu.be/6w-OqYo-fDM.