How to See

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A pastor friend of mine visited a lady diagnosed with terminal cancer. He inquired, “What’s going through your mind?” She said, “That God has been preparing me all my life for this moment.” Dying people can teach us a lot about living. And blind people can teach us how to see. Someone once asked Helen Keller, who became blind at age 2, …

Fight with God in Prayer

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Jacob had struggled with his twin brother Esau, his father Isaac, his uncle Laban, his wives, his mistresses, and his servants. He was a schemer and manipulator whose name meant “heel grabber.”  Jacob was very good at tripping people up. Tricking them and catching them by surprise. Getting his way and getting away with it. Most of the time. But …

How Much More Can You Take?

Pastor Daron CrossLife Blog

What’s your temptation threshold?  How long will you say “no” to the daily donuts at the office before you stuff your face? How far does your will power take you until you pour another one? How much of a percent of your paycheck can you give away before greed successfully seduces you, “Hey, you can use this better than they’re …

Dealing with Doubt

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People who know the truth get defensive and sometimes ugly when others question them. And I mean, you know absolutely for sure that what you believe is unquestionably a fact. When others disagree, it’s difficult. But we can even get defensive and ugly when others question our opinions or preferences. “What?! Get outta here! You drink decaf coffee?! I’m unfriending …

God’s Word

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In each of the six days of creation, God says, “Let there be …” which is followed by “… and there was” as well as “and God made” (Genesis 1). What is God telling us here? It’s like someone saying, “Alexa, play some 80’s music,” and instantly hearing a song by either Tears for Fears, Journey, or Huey Lewis. That’s a powerful, effective command that does not …

The Do’s And Don’ts Of Doubt

andrew CrossLife Blog

God has plans for all who doubt. His patient grace and powerful truths give us new confidence. And who better to tell people about the certainty of God’s promises than those who have struggled to believe?