Spurs and Bull Riding

Pastor Daron CrossLife Blog

We’re going to see lots of spurs at the Austin Rodeo kicking off this week, and one of the most popular competitions is bull riding. Staying aboard a one-ton, wildly kicking bull is usually enough to impress the judges without spurring.

Spurs are actually dulled, and mostly help the bull rider hold on to the bull with his legs and feet. And what happens then? A wild ride. Getting bucked around and off. Broken ribs. Pain. Mental toughness. Physical conditioning. The cheers of the crowd. Telling your grandkids someday that you rode the bull named Fumanchu. Growth. Strength. Living life.

Now listen to what the Bible says about Christian community, “Let us hold unswervingly to the hope we profess, for he who promised is faithful” (Hebrews 10:23). 

“Hold unswervingly” are Greek words in the original Bible that literally mean, “hold on tight!” The Bible calls us to be spurs that help each other hold on tight and not let go. Let go of what? “The hope we profess.” 

That means two things. We don’t let go of each other. We hang in there with each other. Why? Because, secondly, we have this agreement that we profess. This body of teaching we believe. That’s the Bible that reveals Jesus Christ, and how the Bible and Jesus define our values and practices as a church.

Hold onto Jesus and his church! Be like spurs, and help others hold onto Jesus and his church, too. It might result in a wild ride. It might cause pain but will also result in spiritual growth. Remember, Jesus—who believes in church—is holding onto you. “He who promised is faithful.” 

Jesus will always protect you, always provide for you, and always be there with you, even when he pushes you into action and adventure beyond your comfort zone. And it hurts. More on that tomorrow …

PRAYER: Dear Jesus, hold onto me tightly as I hang in there and try to help others. Hold onto them, too. Hold onto us all, especially at church, to grow together through hardships, conflict and challenges by your blessing. Amen.

FURTHER MEDITATION: Consider the two things to hold onto: each other, and our hope in Jesus. The best way to hold onto each, is to be sure you are doing both (not just one or the other). How does the church help with this?