3/9/20– Coronavirus

Pastor DaronCrossLife Blog

The world trembles at the spread of an out-of-control virus. Some are quarantined in cities where it has killed people, even their loved ones. Others watch from a safe distance, wondering how long until it is safe no more. The media heaves in its typical overdramatic half-truth telling.

And where is God? What should Christians be saying about this? There is plenty to say, and a whole lot of God. Just take a quick tour of the first ten psalms, for example. So real. Even raw. Facing out-of-control threats. But with faith in God’s character and promises.

It is just as fatal to be intimidated by the world (Psalm 2) as it is to be attracted to the world (Psalm 1). Learn what it means to fear God more than another virus.

No matter how many or mighty the threats we face that intimidate us (Psalm 3), cause us fear, and come knocking on our door, those who call on the Lord God can sleep in peace (Psalm 4).

Don’t get caught up in misinformation. Don’t be attracted by sensationalism. Hate it by loving God’s truth even more (Psalm 5). Go to him more than media, and you will experience security, clarity, joy and peace.

This is real. This is hard (Psalm 7). It is making people sick, and taking lives. As much as we don’t want to overreact, we don’t want to under-respond. It’s okay to cry, to hurt for those who are hurting, and to pray fervently for God’s help and mercy (Psalm 6).

God has given his power and authority on this earth to humankind more than to any other organism, animal, virus or force of nature (Psalm 8). He honors all of his creation, but especially people whom he created. Even little children with faith in God are more powerful than the strongest of earthly threats. Give praise to God who is Lord of all (Psalm 9)! He loves you more than he delights in any majestic mountain or shining star. He gives you his loving attention and mercy more than he gives to any virus (Psalm 10). All creation bows down to him.

PRAYER: Dear God, our world fears a virus we cannot stop, or perhaps what we really fear is that we aren’t in control of everything after all. Teach our hearts, during this time of trouble, to trust in you, take common precautions, and turn toward our neighbor with care and compassion. Amen.

FURTHER MEDITATION: What does God want to tell you today? You will find it by reading one psalm. You will find even more by reading all ten psalms. While you read, pay attention to highlights. The Holy Spirit will shine the spotlight on some words more than others.