4/12/19–The Gospel

Pastor DaronCrossLife Blog

What is the gospel? Literally the original Greek word means “good news.” It’s the message of promise that sinners are saved by grace through faith in Jesus Christ.

The gospel is revealed exclusively in the Bible, God’s Word. It is clear and consistent. It cannot be drowned out. It speaks all languages. It has the power to deliver what it promises without fail. It is good news forever and for all.

In the book of Revelation, John sees an “angel flying in midair, and he had the eternal gospel to proclaim” (Revelation 14:6). God has something important to say, through an angelic messenger. The good news of God saving sinners isn’t a limited time offer. God’s gospel is eternal. That word in the Bible literally means “unbounded.”

The gospel has no limits of time, it doesn’t come through with a strong signal but an hour later drop the signal. It is consistent. Unconditional. You can’t limit it because God won’t limit it.

When it comes to the gospel of God, there are no unsatisfied customers. If you’re not satisfied with God, he’s not the problem, his gospel is not the problem, and his work in your life or in the church is not the problem. The eternal gospel doesn’t fail. When you believe that, things change. When you focus on God’s promises, here’s what it looks like according to the angel, “Fear God and give him glory, because the hour of his judgment has come. Worship him who made the heavens, the earth, the sea and the springs of water” (Revelation 14:7). 

AWE—When you believe the gospel you “fear God.” This is a holy fear that mixes fear and respect. Yes, believers are still afraid of God because he’s immense and holy and makes lightning, but it’s a holy fear, a healthy respect, an awe of God that gasps in amazement every time we think of him.

AUDIENCE OF ONE—God is not one of the things on your to-do list, or one of the many friends you talk to, or one of the things you love. Nothing compares to him. So you “give him glory.” You put his agenda first not everybody else’s. You seek his approval first not your peers or superiors. You think of his pleasure first not your own. When you do, everything else falls into place and you serve others the way he intended.

APPRECIATION—Finally, because God does everything to please you and you do everything to please God, that becomes a habit. More than that, a relationship and you “worship him.” You are tuned into him. You love spending time with him. You can’t get enough of his Word. You have to sing and pray and celebrate with other believers. If you miss church on Sunday the whole week seems subpar. You just gush to other people about him all the time. He’s your world. And you are his.

PRAYER: I believe your gospel, God! Inspire me to greater awe of you. Be my Audience of One. Let’s enjoy each other with appreciation today. Amen.

FURTHER MEDITATION: Meditate on the three “A” words above that describe what it’s like to believe the gospel, with four “C”s. Oops, we need a “B” here. Why not “Believe?!”

  • Confess where you’ve slacked or failed.
  • Cling to a gospel promise that forgives and restores.
  • Call on God for renewal in his grace.
  • Commit to a next step for each “A.”