5/17/19– Bread for Beggars

Pastor Daron CrossLife Blog

I’d like to introduce you to a resource that inspires, encourages and informs your soul. It’s called Bread for Beggars, an online ministry where you can “Visit daily for music you can dance in your kitchen to, stories you can sink your teeth into, and art that might surprise you.

Spend some time this weekend touring what they offer. Here are three things I found that you might like:

Different blog writers address different themes with different styles. One of them speaks squarely about battling depression as a Christian. Check out his list of blogs on the topic. https://www.breadforbeggars.com/category/blogs/luke-italiano/

Here is an audio/visual presentation of “Man of Sorrows,” a song by Hillsong United. Be sure to watch to the end! https://www.breadforbeggars.com/2014/04/sing-a-new-song-man-of-sorrows-by-hillsong-united/

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Once, a woman said to Jesus, “Even the dogs eat the crumbs that fall from their master’s table” (Matthew 15:27). 

A common mistake we make as followers of Jesus is thinking of ourselves too highly. I’ve even read—and am attracted to—the suggestion that low self-esteem is actually another expression of an unmanageable ego.

Do you know what ego stands for? Edging. God. Out.

It’s the ultimate sin. We don’t need God. Don’t want God. Demote him in our heart’s beliefs and our functional living.

The ultimate answer is repentance, which confesses the honest truth: I am not God. I am a dog, content with crumbs. My master takes care of me with the best of love. I enjoy privileges—not rights—and live a happy life. I’ve been rescued, have a home, and my Savior cares for me better than I can care for myself.

We are all mere beggars.” That was spoken by Martin Luther, who understood and taught the spiritual discipline of repentance. As you humble yourself before God today (and this weekend in worship), may the joy of grace make you as happy as a dog eating scraps tossed from the table.

PRAYER: Dear Jesus, I think too much about myself, and want to think more about you. I beg you for mercy. In repentance I am ready to receive even just your crumbs. Thank you! Amen.

FURTHER MEDITATION: Read the whole story in Matthew 15:21-28.

  1. “Jesus did not answer a word” (v. 23). When you experience silence from God, what lies do you sometimes believe? How can God’s silence be full of mercy and love?
  2. This woman argues with Jesus, and he says that she has great faith. What does appropriate vs. inappropriate arguing with Jesus look like? Do you appropriately argue with Jesus enough?