5/27/19– Memorial Day

Pastor DaronCrossLife Blog

Speak, O Grave: A Memorial Day Tribute

You are and I am
Had you returned what would have been
Who would we be?
Had you refused your orders
your deployment
your honor to country
What would have been
Who would you be
Where would justice cry?

I miss you
I miss us

I want both you and freedom
I prayed for both you and peace
But if I can’t have both
Then I want what you want
Then I champion a cause you died for
I want freedom and pray for peace
For these you lost your life
Even as you found your way
Even as you fought for what is right
Even as you are forever at peace in heaven
Lost to me
Found by God

May your death not be lost
To me
To our country
To young men and women dedicating their lives to honored military service
To others who remember loved ones claimed by war
To the world

Let your grave tell your story
Reminding us all
Honoring your gift
And thanking God who works everything for the good of those who love him

Speak, O grave
Reminding me and the world
Of a soldier who knew that peace is more than a noble idea
Of a sailor who believed that justice is more than a fair decision
Of an airman who committed to a cause greater than himself
Of a marine who did more than dream of a world where good must win

Speak, O grave
To my loneliness
To my pain
To my fear
To a village in Africa robbed of human necessities by warlords
To a race in the Middle East cursed for no good reason
To a city in Asia trembling at the possibility of nuclear war
To a people in Europe displaced from their home
To another city victimized by terrorism
To the wrongly persecuted
To those unjustly imprisoned
To families mourning for loved ones killed as innocent civilians and casualties of bloody strife

Speak, O grave
And help us
To hear
To act
To vote
To respect
To honor
To remember
To support
To care wherever we are
To love while we can

And Grave of all graves,
Empty tomb of the risen Warrior,
Forsaken and forlorn as the place of death,
Conquered by the Hero from heaven,
Speak, O holy grave of Jesus Christ

Tell of your resurrected glory
And of new life for all who believe
Announce your victory:
Death is dead
Sin’s curse is cursed
The devil has only lies as his weapon, exposed as faulty by the simplest faith

Glorify all whose guilt you entomb forever
Raise to new life all who are baptized
Awaken those spiritually asleep
Trumpet to Christians a cause so great that it calls us
To give our lives
Our service
Our loyalty
Our obedience
And fight for spiritual peace
For the kingdom of heaven

Speak, O graves
That we may never forget.

PRAYER:Speak, O graves of men and women fallen in war, and grave of the risen Warrior Jesus. Tell of victory, of freedom and a new life to live. Amen.

FURTHER MEDITATION:Make a mental list of at least 5 things to be thankful about on this Memorial Day. Meditate on these blessings from God. How can you do more than consume or keep them, but use them to glorify God?