7/8/19– Easter

Pastor Daron CrossLife Blog

The angel at the tomb of Jesus told the women who came to embalm his corpse, “Do not be afraid, for I know that you are looking for Jesus, who was crucified. He is not here; he has risen, just as he said. Come and see the place where he lay. Then go quickly and tell his disciples: ‘He has risen from the dead…’” (Matthew 28:5-7).Four things jump off the page here.

“Do not be afraid.” Faith doesn’t paralyze us. Lots of times we think that if we trust in Jesus, that it’ll ruin our fun, it’s too risky, we won’t be in control, etc. But faith doesn’t paralyze us, it equips us for something bigger. Fear paralyzes us. Stop being afraid.

Jesus “was crucified.” Was. Crucified. It’s over. The crucifixion, the suffering from God’s justice and anger because of sin, the ugly power of guilt, it was real, it all thundered down on Jesus, but it is finished. A holy God hates sin, but he hated it all once in his Son. Now he’s done. He loves you very much.

Jesus “is not here.”What matters now, what “is” right now, what is true about Jesus and will remain true, is that he is risen. He lives!

Jesus has power over your life and death, power over your sin and shame, power over the lies and fear, power over mistakes and doctor’s misdiagnoses and marriage troubles. None of it has a say in your life. No circumstances should scare you because Jesus lives. Circumstances should not define you. Jesus’ resurrection does.

“Go.”Easter is more than an annual church celebration. It’s a call that changes your life. Your sins can’t stop you. Your shame can’t hold you back like a ball and chain. Your fears are unfounded lies; they’re not real. Jesus’ resurrection changes everything.

Remember the moment you learned to ride a bike? Big grin. Maybe a couple of scraped elbows. But once you did it, you had to do it some more. Why? Because at first you can’t believe you did it, but then fear gives way to freedom.

You have an adventure waiting for you out there—but really in here. In your heart. The resurrection of Jesus changes you. It makes you faith-filled and faithful, courageous, going where Jesus dispatches you, and telling others about this awesome Easter adventure.

Go! Live! But first, believe!

PRAYER:Dear Jesus, your resurrection changed you. It brought you to life! It changes me, too! By your promise, renew my spiritual life, and empower me to rise from fear, shame and sin to joyful confidence. Risen indeed! Amen.

FURTHER MEDITATION:In your name I come alive to declare your victory. The resurrected King is resurrecting me.” Watch this song video by Christian artist Elevation about the power of Jesus’ resurrection to save and change you https://youtu.be/E2ZbnagTBMM.