8/21/19– “Follow Me”

Pastor DaronCrossLife Blog

Jesus clearly and consistently calls people to follow him. This is what believing in Jesus means.

The Facebook pages, Instagram posts, blogs or podcasts you follow—it’s because you want to be led, to be influenced in some way. So you give your trust to those people for that purpose.

What would it be like to trust Jesus with every detail of your life? Not just to say, “He’s my Savior because he died for my sins,” but also, “He’s my Savior because he rose from the dead to give me a new life.” 

Life is going to happen in heaven eternally with all kinds of new extremes and experiences. Life also is happening now. In the details and decisions that shape your hours, days and seasons.

Where is Jesus in those details and decisions? Do your prayers dictate to him what he should do? Do you play chess with him, maneuvering for control? Are you expecting him to follow you, or are you willing to follow him?

Jesus uses two words reported in the Greek language of the New Testament any time he calls people to follow him. Both of them indicate movement on the part of the follower.

One of them, often translated, “Come, follow me” (see Matthew 4:19, for example), means coming to or toward something which doesn’t move but you do.

The other, usually translated simply and clearly as “follow” (see Matthew 4:20, for example), depicts a path or a road and two people walking along it. They are not walking next to each other, but one of them is walking in front, leading. They other is walking behind, following.

Does Jesus have what it takes to be your leader? Can he handle everything you are going to experience today? Does he know the way better than you do?

If that is true, can you trust him to have your best interests in mind? How much does he need you to explain things to him before he understands? What is he missing? Or, what are you missing? What does he need you to arrange for him so that he can be your Savior and God?

Jesus’ invitation for sinners to associate with him by coming towards or behind him is all you need to answer those questions.

His loving leadership as the Shepherd who knows his sheep by name, dies and rises for them, feeds and leads them, protects and guides them, is enough for you to give up the front place, the immovable position.

Move toward Jesus today instead of expecting him to move toward you. Get behind him instead of going in front of him. Trust him. And watch him lead you to new life.

PRAYER: Dear Jesus, you are the only leader to always do things right, yet still I struggle to trust and follow you completely. You died and rose for me. You forgive and love me. You know the way to new life. Keep leading me, Jesus, and I will follow. Amen.

FURTHER MEDITATION: Pray for Jesus’ voice in Scripture to move you as you open to John 10:1-4,14-15. Meditate on these words to help you complete this statement, “I can follow Jesus unconditionally because __________.” List as many reasons as you can find. Write them down. Close with a prayer of praise for Jesus’ loving leadership, and ask for the faith to follow.