9/5/19– Jesus in the Hurricane

Pastor DaronCrossLife Blog

PRAYER: Dear Jesus, as Hurricane Dorian leaves a path of destruction in the Bahamas and stirs up disaster along the US east coast, we turn to you. We let go of our anxieties, throwing them into your perfect care and wisdom where you promise they belong. We rely on your promises to help those in need, knowing that you are there—with those evacuating, with those suffering damage or loss, with the first responders, with government authorities leading through a crisis. 

We believe, Jesus, that you are the Lord of wind and wave today even as you were when you lived and taught on this earth. We remember your power over storms, that your purpose was not only displaying brut strength, but drawing your disciples into deeper, more courageous faith.

You spoke “Don’t be afraid” to your disciples before you spoke “Be still” to the storm.

And you said those words as you experienced the same storm, your face soaked from the rain, your hair blowing in the wind, your voice needing to shout over the noise of waves smashing against the boat.

For all who find themselves afraid of hurricanes on land or storms stirring in the soul, focus our faith on your presence, on your words of promise, and on what you say is true regardless of circumstances around us.

As you call us to deeper faith and courage, rule over wind and wave again. Command our storms to obey you and only you—the one who loves us. Remind us that of all the storms you experienced, the greatest was the fatal thunder of your Father who struck you with the disaster of our sins.

What a miracle of mercy and might that you calmed our deadliest storm, and can promise us peace in all other storms.

You are with us. You are here, not to condemn or curse but to save. We are safe. Even in the storm. Amen.

FURTHER MEDITATION: Read Matthew 14:22-33. Take note that Jesus’ efforts in the storm were first and foremost directed at the disciples and Peter, not at the wind and waves. What does this teach you about how Jesus delivers and saves you in your storms today?