An Experiment to Help You Find Your Place

Pastor Daron CrossLife Blog

When you become a Christian, what is your place in the church?

The Bible talks about gifts and talents, areas of service and ministry. Those are important, but something bigger and better is more foundational. So let’s do a quick experiment to help you find your place. Try this.

Put your hands up in front of you (like you’re in a movie and the officer says, “Put your hands up!”).

Okay, now I want you to clap your hands together. Ready? Clap! 

Did your hands feel each other? Did your ears hear the clapping sound? Did your eyes see your hands clap? 

So, your hands are connected to your ears connected to your eyes. All your body parts are connected to each other. 

What is your place in church? The first and foundational answer is this: you have a very special place connected to Christ. “Now you are the body of Christ, and each one of you is a part of it” (1 Corinthians 12:27). 

Jesus is perfect and holy. Jesus is the Son of God and doesn’t need anything or anyone. Jesus hangs out with angels. 

Yet Jesus really wants to be connected to you and you to him. As closely as your hands are connected to your ears and eyes. He smiles at the thought of being so close and connected to you that he’s like a vine and you are his branch (John 15). The Bible promises that believers are united with Jesus Christ in the most meaningful and powerful of his saving works—his death and his resurrection (Romans 6).

As part of Jesus Christ’s body, then, you are holy, your sins are paid for at the cross, and you rise up from all your enemies to live a new and victorious life!

That is your most important place in the church. A part of Christ’s body.

PRAYER: Dear Jesus, I am really that close and connected to you! When you move, then I move. When you breathe, then I breathe. When you die to sin, so do I and when you rise to new and victorious living, so do I. Let me appreciate being a part of your body today, and stay closely connected to you forever. Amen.

FURTHER MEDITATION: Scroll down and find my sermon message from yesterday called “This Is God’s Church.” If you haven’t seen it, watch the video some time today for more teaching and encouragement. If you have seen it, think of a person right now with whom you can share it. Say a prayer for them, and send them the link.