Anchors and Sails

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Sailors learn skills for two tools of the trade that bring success. They learn how to drop an anchor, and they learn how to hoist the sails. During a time of crisis, like a storm, these two tools—if used properly—do their work well. Be like a good sailor during this time of crisis, and you’ll be just fine. Expect the …

Praying During a Crisis

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The apostle Paul was in lockdown mode. The governing authorities prevented him from going to work, and he was working from prison or house arrest. A crisis had developed. He needed to be out on the front lines helping Christians, and he was forced against his will to stay away. It must have been lonely and frustrating. Add to that …


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April Fools’ Day originated in France in the mid 1500’s by the decree of either King Charles the IX or Pope Gregory—historians aren’t really sure which one. How will you celebrate it? Special surprise seasoning on foods? Vaseline on doorknobs? Perhaps the placement of a rubber band around the trigger of your kitchen sink hose sprayer so that, setting in …


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There is so much more to be anxious about these days. As in more than there was three months ago. So you’re going to feel that. I do. The pressure points are unavoidable, and all around. If you feel pressure, it doesn’t make you bad, sinful or weak. It’s no different than your ears popping when your Boeing 737 climbs …

The Word

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Shipbuilders back in the days of sailboats would prepare the masts for their ships. They would go to the forest and find an appropriate tree, then they would clear out all the surrounding trees and leave that one standing, exposed to the wind and storms and total sunlight. As the tree continued to mature, it would gain strength. The kind …

The Bible Is God’s Inerrant Word

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Clear, consistent communication is critical during a crisis, rather than misinformation or mistakes. God knows this. It’s why he gave and guided every word of the Bible to be error-free.


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In times of crisis, the kind of communication that is best is simple, clear and consistently repeated. Talk to triage teams in the ER or first responders. Talk to counselors or pastors who show up to minister to a family who has just experienced a sudden tragedy. They’ll tell you. Simple. Clear. Consistently repeated. That’s why I like this song …


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Do you know that feeling when you’re skidding and you can’t stop. Anyone who has driven on ice knows how helpless it feels. That’s how it feels in our lives right now. Loss of control. You are in control of fewer things right now, and for leaders or parents or any adulting human that can feel scary. So your reaction …


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America is submitting to the threat of COVID-19 by issuing shelter-in-place orders across the land. We are losing treasured freedoms, missing expected opportunities, and upsetting patterns of income, education and business. These changes are going to create a deeper sense of “what if?” and “what now?” You may be suffering from some symptoms of grief because you have experienced significant …


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King Saul thought he understood the situation better than God. He was wrong. And the prophet Samuel told him so. “You have done a foolish thing,” Samuel said. “You have not kept the command the Lord your God gave you; if you had, he would have established your kingdom over Israel for all time. But now your kingdom will not …