With Us

CrossLife helps you center your life on God, and also connect with others seeking the same thing right here in Pflugerville, TX.  We need God and each other if we want to grow spiritually and fulfill God's purpose for our lives.  Here are some ways to do that ...


Maybe you’re thinking, “I love the people at CrossLife, but I’m not sure how to get connected.” Or maybe you want to discuss Christianity in some sort of orderly way. We believe that it all connects to Jesus, who said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life” (John 14:6). We want to help you appreciate Jesus in new ways. These steps help.

1. Meet the Pastor: If you’re new to CrossLife, complete a Connection Card on Sunday or email us at [email protected] Pastor Daron personally contacts all first-time guests. A meet-up will introduce you to CrossLife and our ministry, and Pastor Daron will probably tell you a story about a lost black lab and God throwing a party for you.

2. “Jesus Loves Me” Group: Get together with a group of others on a spiritual journey, and we will lead you through an 8-week discovery of Jesus’ words and work as presented in the Bible. This group is always welcoming newcomers so jump in anytime! Check out this video introduction.

3. Free 40-Day Spiritual Life Plan: After 8 weeks, you are more engaged in the Bible and Jesus’ love for you, and you’re ready for a clear, personalized path forward. We help you live your life in a way that is joyful and pleasing to God by equipping you with a 40-day spiritual life plan.

4. Baptism: We believe that baptism is a divine sacrament instituted by God. Through it God promises the forgiveness of sins, power that produces life change, and eternal salvation. According to the Bible, baptism is meant for all ages, including infants. If you are interested in baptism at this point, we’d love to schedule yours or answer your questions. You can also pray about it as you proceed through our next step …

5. “Jesus Leads Me” Group: Here’s a group experience led by Pastor Daron similar to “Jesus Loves Me,” with deeper and broader content, focused on the Bible’s teachings. The 8-week multimedia format appeals to all adult learning styles. By the time you complete this course, you know much more about CrossLife, and you are closer to Jesus and other Christians.


LifeGroups connect adults in supportive group environments that foster casual conversations about God, encourage them to explore God’s answers together, and have fun! Our groups bring together people with common interests, build faith skills, and focus on service to our Pflugerville community. Everyone is welcome.

youth groups

At CrossLife Church, family means everything. CrossLife connects elementary, middle and high school students with each other in three age-appropriate youth groups which meet weekly or biweekly throughout the year. Meetups, Bible exploration activities, fun events, and group discussion are all guided by faith-filled adults or teens eager to pour their loving companionship into these life-changing years.

Kids In Christ

Elementary school students grades 2-5 are invited to join Kids in Christ (KIC). This group meets at a family residence in Pflugerville twice a month for Bible study, fellowship, fun activities, and meals.

Fearless In Christ

All middle school students are invited to join Fearless In Christ (FIC). FIC youth meet twice a month at a family residence in Pflugerville. Activities include Bible study, arts and crafts, meals, and more!

youth in christ

All high school students and their friends are invited to join Youth In Christ (YIC). Teens meet weekly at a family residence in Round Rock. Led by church staff and family, teens grow closer to one another and God through Bible study and activity based projects.

Ways to serve

Everyone can make a difference by serving in ministry with their God-given talents. So CrossLife appreciates and values our volunteers. Below are some of the ways you can get involved including volunteer opportunities and events in Pflugerville, TX, and the Austin area. As you get to know us and we get to know you, you can jump in (or dip your toe) and join the journey!

Bible Study

The Bible is the most amazing, living, and true book in our world. It is God’s love letter to us, filled with treasures of grace and truths that guide us. CrossLife meets for adult Bible study every Sunday at 11AM, coaches all members through goals for Bible knowledge and life verses, commits to an annual Bible reading plan, and Pastor Daron sends a daily CrossWords Meditation with Bible reading and prayer.

Can we pray for you?
Prayer intersects God’s story with our story. CrossLife prays persistently for each other, our Pflugerville community, our nation and world. We would love to pray for you! Our Prayer Circle is ready and waiting to say a prayer for your special need.

How can we pray for you?