CrossKidz Message Notes

Why print activity pages?  It can be hard for parents to keep children immersed during the our worship Sundays online. Our hope is that your child is excited and actively engaged through the use of these activities.

When can I print them? At any time, print out the activity pages for your child.  They are useful during Sundays online worship, for family devotions, and/or for discussion throughout the week.

Where do I find the activities? Click on the link below. The name corresponds with the date to utilize them during Sundays online worship. Check back for new content weekly!

Who are they for? The activity pages have different sections for children in the age groups of 3-6 years and 7 to 10 years.


Sunday, April 5th, 2020-  In light of the recent COVID 19 outbreak, the resources this week will focus on the theme that reminds children of God’s love and protection during a time of heightened anxiety and fear of the unknown.


Sunday, March 29th, 2020–  As People Around the World are experiencing shelter in place restrictions we want to remind children that God is our shelter and dwelling.









A huge thank you to Children’s Worship Bulletins for opening up copy rights which allow CrossLife to share this focused content. Per their website they state: Communication Resources, Inc. is granting you unlimited sharing rights. You may share all the content found in the Home Packet PDFs any way you wish. You may NOT resell the content as a whole or any of its parts. You may alter the content only to add information such as your church’s name or a nice note to a child.