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April Fools’ Day originated in France in the mid 1500’s by the decree of either King Charles the IX or Pope Gregory—historians aren’t really sure which one.

How will you celebrate it? Special surprise seasoning on foods? Vaseline on doorknobs? Perhaps the placement of a rubber band around the trigger of your kitchen sink hose sprayer so that, setting in its place, it’ll blast your favorite roommate or family member when they turn on the water (but you didn’t hear that from me).

Back in 16th century France, the new year began on April 1 but then King Charles and Pope Gregory implemented a new Gregorian calendar for the Christian world.

It switched New Year’s Day from April 1 to January 1. Unfortunately, with communication in those days being without Hotmail, FedEx, IM, or CNN, many didn’t hear about the change. Others obstinately refused to make the switch.

Such backward people came to be labeled “fools” and were made the objects of practical jokes or sent on “fools’ errands.” This harassment evolved over time into the practice of prank-playing on the first day of April.

The Bible book of Proverbs has more to say about fools than any other book of the Bible. So, are you one or not? A fool, that is. Here is one test:

“The way of fools seems right to them, but the wise listen to advice” (Proverbs 12:15). 

Do you know everything? Is your opinion always correct? Do your preferences need to be practiced every time? Can you accept criticism without your inner lawyer rising to your defense? What does decision-making look like for you, and does it involve testing your assumptions?

We’re all wise in our own eyes, but it’s sure hard to detect foolishness in yourself until it’s too late. Unless you rely on others. So reach out. Ask for directions. Seek advice.

God gives us others in our lives for a reason beyond just taking up space. He will direct your ways through them. No fooling!

PRAYER: Dear God, I’m a fool when I think my opinion always matters most and nobody has the right to criticize me. Holy Spirit, make me wise not in my own eyes but through the counsel and help of others who care about me. Amen.

FURTHER MEDITATION: Slow down, the PRAY acronym.

  • Praise (tell God what you appreciate about his perfect wisdom in the Word)
  • Repent (tell God about your sins of being wise in your own eyes, trust in his promises of forgiveness)
  • Ask (for good advice and friendly counsel from others, and a listening heart)
  • Yield (talk to God about the next step after you say “Amen,” how you want faith to lead the way, how you are willing to be part of his answer and see it develop for your good)