God’s Word

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In each of the six days of creation, God says, “Let there be …” which is followed by “… and there was” as well as “and God made” (Genesis 1).

What is God telling us here? It’s like someone saying, “Alexa, play some 80’s music,” and instantly hearing a song by either Tears for Fears, Journey, or Huey Lewis. That’s a powerful, effective command that does not take multiple steps or committee meetings or a long, drawn out process.

God is so powerful, so almighty that he doesn’t need multiple steps or committee meetings or a long, drawn out process to create all things. He says it. It’s done.

God’s tool for creating everything out of nothing in the beginning is his powerful, effective word. We observe it when Genesis reports in each of the six days of creation, “and God said” and “God called” (Genesis 1).

When the almighty God says, “Let there be trees,” there are trees. When the almighty God says, “Let there be bees,” there are bees. When the almighty God says, “Let Pastor Daron have knobby knees,” well, I have knobby knees.

Better yet, when the almighty God commands death, “Let go of my Son,” he rises alive.

When the almighty God says to your guilt and shame, “You have no place here,” your guilt and shame are forgiven.

When the almighty God says, “I hear every one of your prayers and answer each in perfect wisdom and love,” it’s an unbreakable promise he keeps to you without fail.

When the almighty God says, “You are my dear child, and you are mine,” there is nothing else that can claim you—not sinful mistakes, not miserable failures, not bad decisions, not cancer, not abuse, not fear.

The Bible says, “By faith we understand that the universe was formed at God’s command” (Hebrews 11:3). The degree to which you trust that whatever God said happened at creation, is the degree to which you are going to trust that whatever God says about your forgiveness, your finances or your family is going to happen as well.

Listen to God speak, and believe it. All of it.

PRAYER: Dear God almighty, you created the world by your powerful, effective word. With that same word, you change me. Open my eyes to be more amazed at your power, especially your power to save. Amen.

FURTHER MEDITATION: Read the creation account in Genesis 1. Pay attention to phrases repeated for emphasis, like the ones mentioned above. Focus on the majestic might of God as he creates everything out of nothing. Meditate on it while watching this spectacular video that worships God as creator: https://youtu.be/lnNIp1Q4wsM.