Good Friday

Pastor Daron CrossLife Blog

Does Jesus need your help?

On the cross he’s beaten and bloody. A victim of injustice. Did he need your help then? Did he cry out to his disciples or the angels to lend him a hand? Call forth Moses or John the Baptist from the dead?

No. Jesus didn’t need your help to pay for sins then. And he doesn’t need your help today.

“It is finished” (John 19:30) he cries from the cross. He speaks a word that in Greek is tetelestai. It was a word used by painters when they had finally completed a work of art. A word used by merchants when someone paid up a debt in full.

Done. Accomplished. Nothing more.

Do you ever feel like Jesus did a lot of good, but there is just a little you need to contribute in order to get God’s approval? Tetelestai says that’s a lie. Don’t believe it.

Done. Accomplished. Nothing more.

God promises that your forgiveness is a free gift. And it’s completed at the cross. Tetelestai.

Watch this video for your Good Friday meditation and reflect on the magnitude of this mercy.

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PRAYER: Jesus, you need nothing from me, but you want me and want everything in me. You forgive me without needing anything from me. You save me without my help. You sacrifice yourself for me. Your love for me makes me love you, too, Lord. Now, I want you to have everything, and I want to use it to serve others. Amen.

FURTHER MEDITATION: The video references Romans 5:12-19. Find in that section the verse spoken in the video.