Heroes Go In

Pastor DaronCrossLife Blog

They dive into stormy waters, parachute into hostile uprisings, stand in the way of angry mobs, deploy into war, train to enter and de-escalate violent situations, and leave their homes and families behind to rescue us. Often at great risk to themselves.

They are our heroes.

Today, I want to point out some other heroes in our world. Let’s recognize and appreciate them. You can do that by sharing this CrossWords blog with your friends, possibly with a friend who is working front lines in health care during our pandemic.

These are our heroes. Where we all flee from germs and stay at home, they go in. Thank you, brave men and women working in health care to take care of the sick and dying. Please see our prayer for you below, and know that we appreciate you.

Jesus appreciates you, too. He knows what it is to go in as a hero, and not walk away, stay safe and comfortable. When our world needed a sacrificial substitute to suffer sin’s justice and God’s wrath, Jesus went there. To the cross.

More than that, having risen from the dead, where do we find him? He can leave this world behind now. He died and is now alive! It’s time for R&R in the paradise of heaven, Lord.

But listen carefully now. The angel at the tomb met his disciples, announced Jesus’ resurrection, and said, “He is going ahead of you into Galilee. There you will see him, just as he told you” (Mark 16:7).

Jesus goes in. Back into danger. Back into possible death. Back to people, some of whom denied, betrayed or mocked him. On the day he rose, Jesus doesn’t ascend to the safety of heaven.

I appreciate our health care heroes. I appreciate all first responders as heroes. Even more, I appreciate Jesus as a hero who goes in. A Savior who finds trouble and goes ahead of us into it.

Where do you see Jesus at work in the pandemic of our world? One place he’s working is providing care through our heroes.

PRAYER: Dear Jesus, you’re a hero who goes into danger and death. You rose from the dead, and yet you still didn’t leave us. Be with us in this pandemic. Help more people see how you are at work, and believe in you. Amen.

FURTHER MEDITATION: Blogger Cameron Bellm wrote this prayer called Angels in Blue Gowns and I’d like to share it with you today:

Angels in blue gowns,
They wear face masks instead of haloes.
Their gloved holy hands administer to us
Care we are too weak to provide for ourselves.
Without sleep,
Without hope of a day off,
In the face of ever-dwindling supplies,
They risk their lives at every moment
In order to save ours.
Blessed are the hands,
Rubbed raw from washing,
That connect us to ventilators.
Blessed are the feet,
Sore and swollen,
That tread the ER floors.
Blessed are the eyes
That have stared down death
Thousands of times,
And yet look upon each desperately ill patient
And refuse to give up hope.
God Most Merciful,
Preserve the health and safety
Of those who work so hard to preserve ours.