Holy Week

Pastor Daron CrossLife Blog

Would you believe that almost half of the Gospel of John in the Bible deals with the final week of Jesus’ life? About a third of the others gospels—Matthew, Mark, and Luke—are set aside for this as well. Quite significant!

No wonder we call this week “holy,” a word meaning “special” or “set apart for a sacred purpose.” Something special is happening this week.

Only two of the Gospels mention the events of Jesus’ birth. However, all four spend many pages recalling Holy Week.

Here’s an explanation thus far (see Luke chapters 19-21):

Palm Sunday—Jesus parades into Jerusalem, the home territory of his enemies. This, according to his plan, bolsters his disciples for his upcoming betrayal and suffering, and also enrages his enemies to put the plans into swift motion for his death. Jesus makes his way to the temple and then retires to Bethany (a suburb village of Jerusalem) to stay with friends for the night.

Angry Monday—Jesus returns to Jerusalem and curses a barren fig tree and also the empty-hearted hypocrisy of those making money in the temple. He heals people, his enemies boil over with rage looking for a time to kill him, and he returns to Bethany again.

Busy Tuesday—As its name implies, Tuesday of Holy Week was nonstop for Jesus. He returns to Jerusalem, teaches in the temple, responds to those who question his authority, condemns those who rely on themselves to earn forgiveness, makes predictions about the fate of Jerusalem, prays to his Father, and generally instigates the displeasure of his enemies while bringing comfort to those who believe in him.

Yes, Jesus was angry and busy. Both of these are gifts from God, and useful for living and faith. Righteous anger is like burning passion or “zeal” (Ezekiel 38:19). And pushing yourself for a limited time to get something done is like seizing the “opportunity” (Ephesians 5:15-17). But they can easily become sin, if a person doesn’t assign and practice boundaries.

So if you get angry, pay attention to that anger. It’s drawing your attention to something. If you thrive on being busy, then go after it and get things done for the Lord. These are not wrong. As long as they are servants and not masters.

They served Jesus in a week we call holy. So that he could serve you.

PRAYER: Jesus, you got angry! Jesus, you were busy. These were not wrong for you, and are not wrong for me, as long as they are servants and not masters. Lead and love me, Jesus, to pay attention to anger and put in extra busy efforts as blessings in my life. While wisely practicing boundaries. For your glory, Lord. Amen.

FURTHER MEDITATION: Looking for Holy Week family activities? We’ve posted some fun and faith-filled interactive activity pages on our CrossLife website. Download and use them beginning today http://crosslifepf.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/4_6_2020_Holy_Week_activities_sheets.pdf.