Jesus (and You) Are Stronger

Pastor Daron CrossLife Blog

Christian artist Hillsong Worship plays a song called “Stronger.” It isn’t bombastic and rocking, but reflective and beautiful. It focuses on the death and resurrection of Jesus, his greatest weakness that became his greatest strength.

And ours.

Spend some time with this song over the weekend. The lyrics are below.


There is Love

That came for us

Humbled to a sinner’s cross

You broke my shame and sinfulness

You rose again victorious


Faithfulness none can deny

Through the storm

And through the fire

There is truth that sets me free

Jesus Christ who lives in me


You are stronger

You are stronger

Sin is broken

You have saved me

It is written

Christ is risen

Jesus You are Lord of all


No beginning and no end

You’re my hope and my defense

You came to seek and save the lost

You paid it all upon the cross


So let Your Name be lifted higher

Be lifted higher

Be lifted higher

Songwriters: Ben Fielding / Reuben Morgan. Stronger lyrics © Capitol Christian Music Group. 


You make me strong, Jesus, by your death and resurrection. I want worldly power but you give me something stronger, in you. Show your strength to me, even in times of weakness and doubt. Strengthen me so that I can show you to others. Amen.

Further Meditation 

Just set aside 20 minutes. Watch the song video. Reflect on the lyrics. Slow down and let the Spirit of Jesus work on your soul. Meditate in prayer, and have a blessed weekend!