Joyful Shepherds

Pastor DaronCrossLife Blog

CrossLife is preparing for our children’s Christmas program this Sunday. 

The students of CrossLife Christian Academy and the CrossKids children’s ministry students are memorizing their recitations, practicing their songs, and will inspire us with Christmas promises and praise. 

Have you ever been to a children’s Christmas program, or perhaps as a child you were in one? Kids mispronounce Bethlehem, sing off key, and there’s always the little girl who stands on stage and spins around or the boy picking his nose while singing. 

No judgment. These are kids. And we love their efforts, filled with such Christmas joy. Not a care in the world.

Like them, you are God’s child. Not a care in the world. Eager to worship and serve God with such joy that even when you mess up or miss your part, God is smiling. He loves your faith-filled efforts. No judgment. 

This also makes you messengers, like the shepherds. People appreciate your joy and excitement about Jesus, even if you can’t exactly quote the Bible verse. Just like people appreciated the shepherds who weren’t angels. “All who heard it were amazed at what the shepherds said to them” (Luke 2:18). 

We did not hold auditions for the children presenting the Christmas program this coming Sunday. The academy teachers didn’t line the students up, ask them to sing, and pick the best 10 to sing. 

They’re all part of the program. The only requirement is that you’re a child. 

There are no auditions for joy. God doesn’t look through a list of the best behaved people and give happiness to the top 10%. All believers are part of God’s program. We’re all part of the Christmas story where Jesus is born to save sinners

Just like the joyful shepherds.

PRAYER: Dear Jesus, you bring joy to me like Christmas brings joy to children, and to shepherds. Be with me and bless me as I spread that joy to others this season. Amen.

EVANGELISM ACTION: Invite a friend to the children’s Christmas program at CrossLife or at your church this season. Pray about this and watch God open doors.