Linda! Linda! Listen to Me!

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Have you noticed that as a society we really don’t know how to communicate very well any more? Fake news, social media gossip, and polarized politics have divided us. 

Everybody’s got an opinion

And we expect others to receive it and believe it. 

We sound like Mateo, this cute little 3-year-old who became a viral sensation for stating his own case vs. an adult. 

“Linda! Linda! Listen to me!” Give it a watch. He has a lot to say. But doesn’t want to listen. 

That’s us! 

Adults, not 3-year-olds, in conversations about politics, COVID, the economy, the election, masks, vaccine, lockdowns, which quarterback should get playing time, how our church should be catering to those with or without masks, and issues both worthy and unworthy of heated debate.

“The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and instruction” (Proverbs 1:7).

Trained by a new generation of “device communication” which allows us to drop text bombs or post comment bombs or otherwise turn a dialogue into a monologue, we are losing the ability to communicate well.

So, now what? 

Please understand, this is an observation more than a judgment. Even the church messes up when we communicate without compassion. 

Here is some encouraging news. God is the perfect communicator. 

He knows exactly what we need to hear. He says it clearly, and with a loving purpose. So fall in love—perhaps again, perhaps even more—with God’s Word.

God does not stand with his hands on his hips saying, “Listen to me! Listen to me!” 

Oh, he has much to say. And says it with all truth and love. But he’s just as good at listening. 

Doesn’t he command and plead with you to pray more frequently and fervently? 

Doesn’t he make promises that you can ask him anything you want, come to him with any burden, and seek his wisdom in an uncertain world? And he will communicate perfectly in return. 

PRAYER: Dear God, I don’t need to pout or shout to get your attention. Your gracious, caring communication is perfect and faithful. May the power of your truth grip my heart and life this week. I pray that I communicate like you as I communicate with others. Amen.

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