Lipstick and a Toilet Brush

Pastor Daron CrossLife Blog

A high school principal was frustrated by the repeated lipstick graffiti on the girls’ bathroom mirrors. 

One day she asked a group of girls to assemble in the bathroom. She showed them the lipstick graffiti and explained how much extra work this was for the custodian. 

Then she asked the custodian to dip a toilet brush in a toilet and clean the mirror with it. The girls didn’t use their lipstick on the mirror again!

You need to know that you’re kissing filth when you give in to temptation. 

I love what that principal did to deter the girls from lipsticking graffiti on the mirrors. Effective. Yet as a believer in Jesus and teacher of the faith, I would have added one more thing. 

After the custodian cleans off the lipstick with the toilet brush, I’d have him shine up the mirror and make it dazzle. Then I’d have each girl look in the mirror and I’d ask, “Who do you see?” 

I’d answer, before they could say a word, “A daughter of God.” I’d teach that daughters of God are princesses in his kingdom—very precious, perfectly pure, desired by Jesus Christ himself, who is the prince. 

See what happens there. The low supply of identity and validation is shown to be a lie. The attention-getting graffiti and validation of peers isn’t needed, because the goodness of God and gifts of God are true.

“Don’t be deceived,” the Bible says. “Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows” (James 1:16,17). 

PRAYER: Dear Father, I am your son or daughter because you have adopted me into your family of believers and made me part of your kingdom. Help me remember this today, especially when I’m tempted to sin. Amen.

FURTHER MEDITATION: Read James 1:13-18. What lies of the devil do you believe most often that cause you to sin? Live your true identity: as a child of God. You have everything you need.