Meditate about God

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What is it that you are worrying about these days? There are lots of options. Here’s a more specific question:

When are you worrying? 

Do you worry through the night instead of sleeping?

Do you worry when family members are at work being exposed to germs?

Do you worry whenever other people make poor choices?

Do you worry when you’re trying to piece together your financial future and it doesn’t add up?

Do you worry when you’re facing a new day and just can’t get things done?

Do you worry each time you begin a new task that you’re not good enough?

Do you worry when people compliment you that you’ll find a way to fail?

That’s a lot of worrying. And worrying never helps. It actually makes things worse.

Meditate about God.

Instead, meditate. And not just generic meditation about whatever is floating around in the air. Meditate about God.

Meditating is the opposite of worrying. Instead of spinning around a negative thought, you spin around a positive one. A hopeful one. A truth about God. Even a historical work of God like parting the Red Sea or the resurrection of Jesus.

Worrying is like a rocking chair. Lots of action but getting nowhere. Meditating is like taking a vacation. Lots to remember, to pack and bring along, to see and experience, and it always creates pleasant moments and positive experiences. Always.

When you meditate about God, you are thinking about him, remembering his Word, and connecting him to whatever is going on in your life. You say to God, “I will consider all your works and meditate on all your mighty deeds” (Psalm 77:12).

Try replacing the worrying you do with meditating instead. Focus on God.

Ask questions like these when you meditate:

“What if God keeps his promises?” 

“What would it look like if I trust in God’s Word to come true in my life?” 

“How capable is God to answer this prayer in the way he knows best?” 

“If God is my friend, how does that make a difference?” 


I worry too much, God. I spend too much effort spinning around scenarios that you already know will go well for me, if I only trust in you. Help me to meditate more on you, and spend effort remembering you. Amen.

Further Meditation

Do you know a worrier? Share this CrossWords meditation with them. And let them know how you plan to replace worrying with meditating.