You don't have to preach to crowds.  By sharing Jesus with even just one person, you have no idea what impact you might make!

Notes And Next Steps

John 1:35-42 + Part 4 of the series “The Journey: Moving Forward"

“And he brought him to Jesus.” (John 1:42)



  1. Describe a time that you shared your faith and, by the blessing of the Holy Spirit, that person was brought to believe in Jesus. If you haven't experienced this, it's okay - what do you imagine it to be like? Share with each other.
  2. What made Andrew so eager to so quickly introduce his brother Peter to Jesus?
  3. True or False: 25 people in a church could be used by God to bring more people to Jesus than $25,000 worth of church advertising.
  4. What does this message make you want to pray about in a new way?