Busy Jesus loves being interrupted to forgive us. And he loves us interrupting others to forgive them.

Notes And Next Steps

Luke 5:12-26 + Part 6 of the series “Staycation: Living Life on Mission"

Kindness first. Calculations later.

“Friend, your sins are forgiven” (Luke 5:20).

Jesus is never too busy to forgive anyone.


    1. Are you trying to meet the spiritual needs of someone and ignoring that they may have significant tangible needs? What can you do to create a bridge of caring?
    2. Agree or Disagree: Forgiveness is more important than anything else.
    3. When you or your plans are interrupted, how can you develop an improved “first response” that considers the interruptions more as opportunities than as obstacles. How can you see them as opportunities for proclaiming forgiveness like Jesus did?
    4. How can you serve your community in a practical way that leads to the #1 mission of Jesus: to preach the gospel of forgiveness?