Jesus was intentional, loving, and kind when responding to those who interrupted him in his daily living. How interruptible are you?

Notes And Next Steps

Matthew 8:1-17 + Part 1 of the series “Staycation: Living Life on Mission"

Jesus is interruptible.

“Jesus reached out his hand and touched the man” (Matthew 8:3).

“Lord, I do not deserve to have you come under my roof. But just say the word, and my servant will be healed” (Matthew 8:8).

Jesus is interruptible. The question is, are you?

Jesus wants your way of arranging your life to be interruptible. Take a “staycation.”


  1. When Joseph and Mary traveled to Bethlehem for the Roman census, and Mary was pregnant, “there was no room in the inn.” Actually, it was more likely a home or guest house, all occupied by out-of-towners showing up for the census. But the owner of the home or guest house or visitors’ quarters said, “I can’t do that, but I can do this.” He found a way to say yes. All in the midst of God finding a way to say yes to sinners. Meditate on this. Read Luke 2 if you’d like. Where do you need to find a way to say yes this week, instead of a flat-out “no”?
  2. “Me-time” is not wrong. Jesus actually enjoyed some of this, but at times he allowed it to be interrupted. How can you know when to insist on “me-time” and when to be interruptible? The answer lies more in the heart than in proven practices. Explain.
  3. Google some creative “No Soliciting” signs and show your family, or have a family meeting on your front doorstep where you have yours posted. Ask the question, “What if the sign prevents someone from coming to the door who can actually help us?” Discuss the delicate balance between “no” and “yes” when it comes to interruptions.
  4. Watch this classic 4-minute video about how we see others but don’t notice them, and how we change that.