What shapes our response to the coronavirus? Not Facebook’s misinformation. Not Uncle Stanley’s bias. Rely on the evidence, then don’t be afraid, don’t be misled, and don’t be selfish.

Notes And Next Steps

1 Peter 3:15 + Part 1 of the series “In Defense Of Jesus"

Will you study the evidence?

Christians are guilty of having faith in our faith.

… give the reason for the hope that you have … (1 Peter 3:15)

We’re not asking you to set aside your mind.


    1. Faith listens. “The hope that you have.” What is the difference between hoping “for” and hoping “in?”
    2. Faith learns. “Everyone who asks you to give the reason.” So, why are you a Christian?
    3. Faith leans. “In your hearts revere Christ as Lord.” What does it look like or sound like to have faith in your faith?
    4. Faith lives. “Always be prepared.” Real faith changes your life, instead of life changing your faith. Explain.
    5. Faith loves. “But do this with gentleness and respect.” If Christian faith believes in Jesus, and Jesus loves everybody …