Are dreams always from God? Do they always mean something? Imaginations and interpretations can sometimes guide us or sometimes mislead us, but God's clear communication never fails.

Notes And Next Steps

The Prophet Jeremiah + Message 6 from the series “Dreamer”

Chapter 1—Jeremiah describes when God called him to be a prophet. What gives him courage?

Chapter 3—The Lord God presents the sins of his people, and his gracious promises to forgive. Write down three or more of the Lord's “I will” promises.

Chapters 14 & 17—The Lord condemns false prophets. What does he do about it? What does he want us to do about it?

Chapter 23—God’s Word is clearer and more promising than my opinion.

Chapter 25—The first announcement of captivity in exile for God's people. Who is in charge of this operation?

Chapters 29 & 31—The final word of God is “I will.” God is a gracious giver, not a terrible taker. Write down three or more of the Lord's “I will” promises.


  1. Have you ever had a dream—not a hope, but an actual dream—come true? Have you ever learned a life lesson from a dream? The false prophets also had dreams, so what does their misled direction warn us about dreams and what they teach us? Write about this in a journal.
  2. True or False—In the book of Jeremiah we see how God struggled to be faithful to his unfaithful people. Discuss this with a friend.
  3. Read the book of Jeremiah this week.
  4. Watch this 5-minute video called “The Way of the Exile” https://youtu.be/XzWpa0gcPyo. It explains themes of loyalty, subversion, prophecy and the faithful promises of God. Share it with a friend.