How Christian is the United States? Multiple factors might be used to answer that question, like the faith of our founding fathers, the number of people in church on Sunday, or civil laws that disagree with God’s laws. Here, however, is a more important question: how nationalistic is the gospel of Jesus Christ? Does it need a country to be Christian?

Notes And Next Steps

Daniel 6 + Part 2 of the series “Politics Is Driving Me Crazy!"

Does the destiny of a nation really hinge that much on one man? Does our nation depend on him to make us Christian?

“Dear Father in heaven, in Jesus’ name we ask you to look with favor on our nation’s president … Work through him to bring peace and stability … keep him strong and healthy, safe and humble in his work. Make him courageous and firm in his moral conviction. Help him unite our country …”

Exceptional believer (Daniel 6:1-5)

Daniel’s “exceptional spirit” means:
His beliefs were not hidden.
He would not compromise his beliefs, even in the face of death.
He did not demand that his government adopt his beliefs.

“Lord Jesus, the Father appointed you to govern all things. We humbly approach your throne as we anticipate our national elections … We know that even those who do not trust in you can show justice, mercy, and heartfelt concern for the people they govern … May they care deeply about the concerns of the poor and needy, the ill and injured, and all who are victimized by cruelty or injustice. To this end, gracious Father, continue to exercise your authority, even over those who will not acknowledge it.”

Exceptional God (Daniel 6:19-23)

What if Daniel had trusted in government over God?

Where would Daniel have been if he had trusted in his king?

Exceptional influence (Daniel 6:26-27)

Are we a Christian country? What is the role of a Christian?



      1. Today we are subjected to false information, exaggerations, and angry rhetoric. What will guide a Christian’s actions and speech in regard to political discourse?
      2. Build ____________, not __________. A story about a priest, his conscience, and identifying the enemy.
      3. Cast your vote. Not to create a Christian government. Not to make America God’s country or make God American. You’re voting for a ___________.