During these COVID times, do you wear a face mask, or not? Which side are you on? Jesus calls both sides not just to tolerate each other, and not just to understand each other, but to need each other. We truly need those whose opinion differs from us. Jesus’ own mask teaches why that is good, and how we can imitate him in the interest of others.

Notes And Next Steps

3 John 1-11 + Part 7 of the series “Better Together"

God calls us to walk forward together on his paths of truth. To reach out to each other in love because of his love.

“To all those who want grace for themselves but struggle to extend it to others. Wait: that’s everybody.”

We love “to be first,” we “will not welcome” those who disagree with us unless they change their opinion to ours, we resort to “spreading malicious nonsense” about them in biased belittling and sarcastic social media (3 John 9,10).

Jesus wears a mask for you.

When Jesus operates with his full divine nature his mask is off.

A grace-based response to COVID “in a manner that honors God. It was for the sake of the Name that they went out, receiving no help from the pagans” (3 John 6,7).

We will make sacrifices so that others “enjoy good health and that all may go well” with them. We will be considerate of close friends, family and church members and all people, especially those who disagree with us “even though they are strangers.” We will “show hospitality to such people so that we may work together for the truth” even among our own church. And then, those who don’t yet believe in Jesus will see that we “do not imitate what is evil but what is good. Anyone who does what is good is from God” (3 John 2,5,8,11).



      1. Think of your closest friends who share your opinions about COVID. Now think of friends distanced right now. Here are two best practices for COVID Christians. Read 3 John 2.
      2. “There are two sides to every story.” How does this remind us and help us to walk in love and truth?”
      3. Let’s clearly identify the goal. It’s not masks. It’s not a vaccine. It’s not returning to normal. It’s not our political party gaining control. It’s not getting it all right. Remember CrossLife conflict resolution (Ask, Brainstorm, Check-in).