We think we’re good at multi-tasking, but we’re not actually multi-tasking. We are switch-tasking. At some point, we must say no, but how?

Notes And Next Steps

Ephesians 4:17-5:2 + Part 6 of the series “Masterpiece in Progress: Ephesians"

So what are you grabbing onto? And what are you leaving up in the air?

“futility … darkened in understanding … ignorance … impurity … greed … falsehood … stealing … unwholesome talk … bitterness … sin” (Ephesians 4).

They are darkened in their understanding and separated from the life of God because of the ignorance that is in them due to the hardening of their hearts. (Ephesians 4:18)

“I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you; I will remove from you your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh” (Ezekiel 36:26).

“truth … righteousness … holiness … speak truthfully … work .. share with those in need … building others up … be kind and compassionate to one another … forgiving one another … walk in the way of love” (Ephesians 4).

God the Son who gives up lovingly. (Ephesians 5:1)

God the Father who loves dearly. (Ephesians 5:1)

God the Holy Spirit who seals gladly. (Ephesians 4:30)


      1. The reason we have a sin problem is because we have a heart problem. So evaluate the following. Discuss it with a friend or your family. How true is it? What is the solution? … “The reason we have so much violence in our nation, so much segregation, so much bitterness between political philosophies, is that we have a heart problem. The reason our family is dysfunctional, the reason neighbors can’t get along, the reason people at work are irritating, is because we have a heart problem. The reason I’m afraid, the reason I’m addicted, the reason I’m worried, the reason I’m angry, the reason I’m attracted to X-rated online pictures, the reason I don’t know my Bible better, pray more, or witness to everyone is that I have a heart problem.”
      2. Meditate and pray about this spiritual exercise. Identity a “no” or two in your life and heart that need to fill in this blank, if Jesus is speaking these words, “You don’t need __________ because you have me. I am everything you need.”
      3. Research the story of Les Miserables. Read it. Watch it. Let it stir your soul, accompanied by reading Ephesians 4.