The formula for getting rich is simple, they say. Make sure that your income is more than your expenses, and over time you will accumulate wealth. But God says not all income makes you rich, and not all expenses make you poor.

Notes And Next Steps

Genesis 14:18-23 + Part 1 of the series “Ten For Ten"

Not all income makes you richer, some makes you poorer. And not all expenses make you poorer, some make you richer.

“I will accept nothing belonging to you .. so that you will never be able to say, ‘I made Abram rich.’” (Genesis 14:23)

Abraham “gave him a tenth of everything.” (Genesis 14:20)

Melchizedek means “king of righteousness” and he rules the city of Salem, which means “peace.”

Rich in God.


  1. As you watch episode one of “Living Generously,” take notes about the different kinds of giving you observe in a) Frank, b) Cassie, c) Re, and d) Evan. What did they give, and why?
  2. Which of the four characters would you say you are most like? Write their name here: ______________. For families: retell this story to your children, draw the two sheep, and discuss their CrossKidz learning activities from today.
  3. Both Abraham and Frank faced a decision about two paths set before them. Either a worldly approach to riches and giving, or God’s approach. What is the difference (hint: think in terms of “giving” and “taking”)? Read Matthew 19:21-26.
  4. Hebrews 7 compares Jesus to Melchizedek. In what ways? This teaches about Jesus’ significance for your struggles and decisions.
  5. In the book Holy Smoke! What Ever Happened to Tithing? J. Cliff Christopher and Herb Mather wrote, “The tithe is a benchmark along a journey rather than a mark of having arrived at the destination.” Compare this to a deposit or earnest money put down on a purchase. Read Deuteronomy 26:8-10, and pray about your new journey related to tithing.


Pray through the Ten for Ten brochure. It explains 10 highlights about tithing. Read, reflect and pray about one highlight per day, for ten days. You will grow in understanding and faith!