Our Age of Outrage and Pandemic

Pastor Daron CrossLife Blog

It can be exhausting these days to try to have a civil conversation over disagreements. But that’s also why it’s a golden opportunity for Christians to be different. We live in a world where it feels impossible to have civil disagreements. How are we supposed to behave in this age of outrage?

I’d like to resource you with some enriching and practical truths from God’s Word. These feed your soul, and also guide your behavior. Over the weekend, spend some time here and be refreshed.

Visit https://timeofgrace.org/department/grace-talks/ and scroll down to see some devotional videos. 

The videos on top feature Pastor Jon giving you God’s Word about our age of outrage. Jon is a thinker, and he points out in these videos observations about today’s culture of outrage that made me say, “Oh, wow, that’s so true!

Just below these, you will find Pastor Mike giving clarity and confidence to you for living during COVID times. Such as “Push Back Against the Pandemic” and “All That You Need to Endure COVID-19.” 

These two men are excellent communicators, and they will equip you to think and talk biblically about our times. 

God bless your weekend!