Pick Up Your Legos

Pastor DaronCrossLife Blog

Prepare the way for the Lord, make straight paths for him” (Luke 3:4).

I sat with the kids for our safe-distanced children’s message on Sunday, and taught about Advent.

Jesus is coming

This is a season that many Christians celebrate for about 4 weeks leading up to Christmas. Advent means “coming.” 

It’s no secret that the reason for the CHRISTmas season is Christ. He comes to save our world from sin’s curse and control. Are you ready for this?

Just like all the other preparations for Christmas, Christians prepare during the season of Advent. We get ready to celebrate Christ coming in the flesh and rejoice in his birth in Bethlehem. 

That’s his first coming.

We keep our eyes of faith not only on the manger, but the skies. Because we want to be prepared for Christ’s second coming. He will return someday visibly, physically, and powerfully. To end this world as we know it and usher in the eternal holiness of heaven. Are you ready for this?

The best way to be ready for Christmas and also for the final coming of Christ is to prepare your heart for his coming now. Where? How? Through the gospel of salvation. Through his Word, his promises, his forgiveness, his divine paths and purposes. 

Pick up your legos

On Sunday, the kids came up to the steps and I dumped out a container of Legos. I asked them to pretend that these are their Legos, spread all over the front hallway on Christmas Day morning. And grandpa and grandma are coming over Christmas afternoon.

Does mom or dad say, “Go ahead and leave those Legos on the floor. When grandpa and grandma come, they can walk around them”? No! They say, “Please pick up your Legos so that grandpa and grandma can walk down the hallway.”

Why? Because grandpa and grandma are special. Because when the come in the house, you want them to have a clear path to walk or skip or run down the hallway, as the kids walk or skip or run down the hallway. For a big welcome of love and hugs. “Grandpa and grandma are here!”

So pick up your Legos. “Prepare the way for the Lord.” Remove obstacles of sin and disbelief. Clean up with repentance and humility. Don’t ask Jesus to work his way around your priorities for this week, but work your priorities around Jesus. “He’s coming!”

PRAYER: Dear Jesus, please come to my home and heart, when I celebrate your birth and even now through your gospel of salvation. I want to prepare the way, and welcome you even as you arrive by your promises. Amen.

FURTHER MEDITATION: Are you familiar with any kind of Advent celebrations? Google a few of them like an Advent wreath, Advent candles or an Advent calendar (a countdown to Christmas, works great with the kids). At CrossLife Church we are reading an Advent devotion booklet produced by our school-aged CrossKidz.