Power Tools

Pastor Daron CrossLife Blog

So I know a guy who rented a hydraulic log splitter, and it was straining hard to split bigger logs but he pulled hard on the lever for more hydraulic power and it split—not the log, but the wood splitter. The metal just cracked. 

And this same guy was doing some pest control in his backyard with a BB gun, and had to take a quick shot so he hastily raised the BB gun, aimed, and, “YYEEOOWW!” he shot the BB into his finger. It needed to be X-rayed and surgically removed. 

This same guy drove his riding lawnmower off the curb and instead asking for help, or just driving 50 feet on the street and using the driveway (which is really embarrassing for a man who’s a pro at driving a riding lawnmower), he tried to lift the riding lawnmower back onto the lawn over the curb. His right thigh pushed up against the hot carburetor—the smell of burning skin and the sting of pain came out in a scream, and a scar about the size of a credit card. 

Power tools are dangerous, but not by themselves. My—I mean this guy’s—power tools do wonderful things. They’re not the problem. It’s operator error. That’s the problem. Usually that means carelessness of some kind. Which is a combination of foolishness and selfishness. Which comes from pride.

We love power. All of us. Kiddos, teens, ladies, and of course guys—who are all into power tools. Power and pride together create a dangerous risk of sinfully hurting yourself, others and God. 

Think of how you use your words for power to hurt—the angry arguing, the juicy gossip, the sarcastic zinger or snarky text, or even your lack of words like ghosting someone to make them hurt. 

Think of your powerful decisions that change the trajectory of your week, or even your life, made with only your own imperfect opinion ignoring the guidance of God in his Word, the confirmation of prayer, and the counsel of other Christians.

The clicking and scrolling on your screen to places or for too much time that isn’t appropriate for a follower of Jesus. 

Going along with a group of coworkers or classmates ripping apart the reputation of someone God tells you to defend when they’re not there.

These power tools are dangerous. But there is a greater power. Just like wisdom, training and a dose of common sense make a log splitter, a BB gun and a riding lawnmower wonderful tools for a better life … this greater power in your hands is a wonderful tool for a better life.

It is the power of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ miraculously became a human. Jesus Christ willingly submitted to death without any pride so the price of justice was paid for your sins of pride and power. Jesus Christ rose from the dead to begin a new life for himself, and give new and eternal life to you!

“To this end I strenuously contend with all the energy Christ so powerfully works in me” (Colossians 1:29).

So what does that power look like in your life? What work is Jesus Christ doing with his power tools?

PRAYER: Dear Jesus, your power is greater than my pride and sin. I repent and come to you for new life, another chance, and the grace to use your power in my life instead of my own. Work in me what is holy. Amen.

FURTHER MEDITATION: Take just 5 minutes to ponder these questions and pray about them. What does that power look like in your life? What work is Jesus Christ doing with his power tools?