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Give a 1-year-old a toy drum and that child will keep banging. Nonstop. Until mom or dad can’t take it any more and pull the drum away.

WHAAAAAAA!” the little one screams. That child can’t handle the idea of losing this new noisemaker.

Some things never change. Even adults struggle with silence. We prefer to hear the daily grind of our productivity, the sound of voices on video or music on our playlist, or the “white noise” of a busy schedule.

Silence can really bother us. Being alone can feel scary. There’s nothing to distract me from facing the real me. My real fears. My real letdowns. My real guilt. My real feelings that I’ve been bottling up.

So we cover it all up by binging on Netflix for another week, or working so much overtime our head spins. It becomes an addictive pleasure to hear the noise we create, like a little 1-year-old with a drum.

In the Third Commandment God calls us to rest, to “remember the Sabbath” (Exodus 20:8). That word “sabbath” is the Hebrew word for rest. God is saying, “I want you to give me the drum, the Netflix login, the overtime schedule, the noise. Give it to me. Remember to rest.”

God, who rested on the seventh day after spending six days creating everything in the universe, knows the value of pressing the pause button. On this seventh day, God was able to step back and enjoy his creation. When you rest, God knows that you can enjoy some things that otherwise don’t get your attention. Especially his spiritual blessings. That’s why the Bible says, “In repentance and rest is your salvation, in quietness and trust is your strength” (Isaiah 30:15). 

God has many promises you’ll be able to hear without all the noise.

So when you’re afraid of the silence, of taking a rest, then remember that resting is a work of faith. Believe that God takes the drum away so that you stop making noise and start listening to his promises.

PRAYER: God, what promises, blessings, and answers to prayer am I missing because of the noise in my life? Help me to push the pause button, like you did after the six days of creation, and enjoy you more. Amen.

FURTHER MEDITATION: Focus on Isaiah 30:15. Meditate on repentance in your spiritual life. How can it include more rest? more quietness? more trust? How does this make you stronger? Ask God in prayer to use these words for your spiritual guidance, and lead you to greater peace.