There Was Jesus

Pastor Daron CrossLife Blog

Where is Jesus? Where is he, right now?

Let me ask more specifically. Where is he in your life? Where is he in this country, in COVID, in the cancer or your career? Is he there?

Jesus appears in the Bible

Well, yeah, I mean, Jesus is everywhere. And we know he’s in heaven, right? Yes. But so much more.

Can you relate to how I see myself reading about Jesus in the gospels? 

  • Jesus walks on the water to his disciples who are trying to cross the Sea of Galilee in a really bad storm. 
  • Jesus appears to the disciples walking to Emmaus with no hope or joy because their expectations have been dashed. 
  • Jesus shows up at a wedding reception and rescues the couple and their parents from the embarrassment of running out of wine.
  • Jesus meets a funeral procession and brings the boy back to life.

Jesus is here now

All of these moments, and more, I learned in Sunday School and treasure deeply. But I have compartmentalized them into this category of reverence. Everyone has halos. All is so divine. It’s in the Bible, after all!

But my life, what keeps me awake at night, what has broken my spirit. These are still waiting for Jesus to appear. Some day. Until then, I bear these burdens.

And that is a lie. The devil’s deception.

We are not alone. We do not bear our own burdens. We do not merely wait for Jesus to come again. 

Jesus is here right now. Jesus finds you when you are lost. Jesus carries you when you can’t bear the burdens. Jesus fills you with grace and peace when you can’t manufacture any feelings of worth. Jesus teams up with angels to watch over your children. Jesus loves weddings and funerals as much today as back then.

“Surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age” (Matthew 28:20).

PRAYER: Dear Jesus, you are more than everywhere. You are here. With me. With those I care about. Lift my eyes to look above my circumstances to see you, your forgiving love, and your faithful promises. Amen.

FURTHER MEDITATION: This song by Zach Williams is an encouraging reminder that Jesus is here