This Candy Bar Can Make You Rich

Pastor Daron CrossLife Blog

Despite consumer legend, it’s not the 100 Grand candy bar that will make you rich. Here’s a trick with 10 candy bars that will make you rich (and it’s a fun learning activity for kids, too).

Arrange 10 candy bars on the table. This is your 10-day supply of candy bars. Now, take one of those candy bars and move it to a special place away from the other 9. Look at those 9 candy bars. Could you survive 10 days with those 9 scrumptious candy bars? Of course you could.

That, my friends, is called a “tithe” or a “tenth.” The Bible applies it to our financial giving through worship. Abraham practiced it well. 

Abraham was a believer blessed with wealth and possessions that he used to worship God in tithing. Abraham and his army (yup, he was rich enough to have his own army) chased down foreign enemies and rescued his nephew Lot, whose family had been taken as prisoners of war. Abraham returned to town with all the people and their possessions that had been taken captive. He was met by two local kings.

The King of Sodom, who aligns with a worldly approach to riches, proposes a deal with Abraham that would mean even more riches for him. Abraham refuses. “I will accept nothing belonging to you .. so that you will never be able to say, ‘I made Abram rich’” (Genesis 14:23). 

Beware of income, career, or possessions that can make you rich, but only by owning you or compromising your godly morals and ethics.

Melchizedek the King of Salem aligns with the free grace of God, generously providing Abraham and his men with bread, wine and blessing. Then Abraham “gave him a tenth of everything” (Genesis 14:20). 

This isn’t an arrangement or a business deal, it is two men—rich in goods but also rich in God—giving joyfully and generously, extending goodwill and blessing to each other. They worship God not riches. They focus more on God than themselves, more on giving than getting. 

When you do this, you will find that living on 9 candy bars while giving God 1 candy bar truly makes you richer. 

PRAYER: God, by your gracious blessing I am rich in you. Forgive my discontentment that forgets how much you give, how much you promise, and how faithful you are. You provide for me no matter what happens to my income or investments. Teach my heart today about tithing, and how much richer it can make me. Amen. 

FURTHER MEDITATION: Melchizedek is one of the more mysterious characters of the Bible. His name means “king of righteousness” and he rules the city of Salem, which means “peace.” Most importantly, the New Testament of the Bible compares him to Jesus Christ, describing Jesus as a priest “in the order of Melchizedek” (Hebrews 7:17). What are some similarities between Jesus and Melchizedek, in terms of Jesus blessing you?