Three Places to See Jesus in Your Storm—Part Two

Pastor DaronCrossLife Blog

The disciples of Jesus weathered their fair share of storms on the Sea of Galilee, a few of them recorded in the Bible for us. These Bible accounts teach us to see Jesus in the storm.

One of them describes the disciples sailing through a serious storm, but Jesus was not physically in the boat. They see a strange figure in the storm walking on the water toward the boat. 

Legend had it in those days that just before you died you’d see a ghost—kinda like the grim reaper. In this deadly storm, that’s what the disciples thought was happening. Until the Lord Jesus identified himself. “Take courage, it is I. Don’t be afraid” (Matthew 14:27).

The second place to see Jesus in the storm is in it with you. He’s not observing from the safety of a booth in heaven. Even in this instance when Jesus was off on a mountain praying to his Father, he knew the right moment to show up and help his disciples. Especially Peter.

In the middle of a life-threatening storm, Peter called out to Jesus who was walking on the water, and Jesus commanded him to come. “Then Peter got down out of the boat, walked on the water and came toward Jesus. But when he saw the wind, he was afraid and, beginning to sink, cried out, ‘Lord, save me’” (Matthew 14:29,30)! 

Who or what was Peter’s focus when he was walking on the water? “He came toward Jesus.” Who or what was Peter’s focus when he started sinking under the water? “He saw the wind.” 

How was Peter responding when he was seeing Jesus? Faith. “He got down out of the boat, walked on the water.” How was Peter responding when he was seeing the storm? Fear. “He was afraid.” 

The shift between faith and fear, even for one of the bravest, boldest disciples, is real. It’s street-level discipleship like us as we’re following Jesus and as we think it’ll all be smooth sailing then we see the storm. It’s scary. Why? 

Because we can’t control it. We can’t swipe across a phone screen and delete it. We can’t work harder and harder so that it goes away. We can’t get rid of all the worrisome “what if” thoughts during the night.

Some of us believe the storm is our fault. God is angry, and he’s hurling lightning bolts of wrath to punish us for not being perfect. So we’re afraid. And when we’re afraid we begin to sink. 

But we still believe. Or do we? Are we living in faith? Living in fear? How can we tell? Listen to me. You can’t always tell. You won’t always know. You’ll just have that sinking feeling. Things aren’t going your way. Circumstances aren’t in your control. You’re ashamed. You’ve sinned. You’re no longer coming toward Jesus but sinking away from him. 

But he’s still there. You know he’s still there. “Lord, save me!” is all you can cry.

It’s a cry of repentance, of humility, of fear and of faith. You want to see Jesus. Better yet, you believe that he sees you.

Even if that’s all you believe, you are safe in the storm. Because Jesus is there.

PRAYER: Jesus you command wind and saves and all storms. They bow to your almighty bidding. When I am caught in the storms of trouble, worry, pain and sin in my life, be with me so that I am not afraid. I want to see your saving help, but better yet, believe that you first see me. Amen. 

FURTHER MEDITATION: What are two or three storms in your life right now? Worry? Pain? Trouble? Sin? The waves make you afraid. Meditate on the almighty presence of Jesus, who is with you, and who sees you even if you have trouble seeing him at work in your storm.