Top Ten Things I Learned from the Visit of the Magi

Pastor Daron CrossLife Blog

On January 6 Christians celebrated the Epiphany of our Lord. The account of the magi (wise men) from the east following the star to visit Jesus with gifts of gold, incense, and myrrh teaches us that salvation through Jesus is revealed to all people. Here are some other things I learned from this event recorded in the Bible.

  1. These foreign magi working in a pagan setting knew about a king of the Jews because some believer at some time had the courage to say something to someone about God’s promise to send a Savior. You never know where your witnessing will lead. Say something to someone today.
  1. After consulting seminary professors, Greek lexicons, and Hebrew dictionaries, I still don’t know whether to say “mayj-eye” or “madge-eye.” A thoughtful church member suggested, “Just call them wise men.”
  1. Their profession (studying the stars) opened possibilities for their faith. Usually we think of it as the other way around, which does happen. But don’t limit what God can do for you through your work.
  1. Even the stars bow down to Jesus. He is the creator of all.
  1. Maybe we call the men wise because they stopped and asked for directions. And they listened. What directions does God have for you if you’d only stop, ask, and listen to the guidance he has in his Word (which, according to 2 Peter 1:19 is your personal guiding star).
  1. Jews today who are still waiting for the Messiah should know that their own religious leaders pointed the magi to Bethlehem to find … the Messiah.
  1. We don’t know for sure that there were three wise men. We just know that there were three gifts: Gold honors the royalty of Jesus as King who shares with us his rich storehouses of forgiveness and blessing. Incense, burned in worship, acknowledges the deity of Jesus as true God deserving of our awe and praise and everything. Myrrh, used in embalming, reminds us of the humanity of Jesus who came as Immanuel – “God with us” – to give us everything.
  1. They worshipped Jesus, not Mary.
  1. Jesus doesn’t need these gifts as a little child, but the wise men needed to give them. Jesus doesn’t need your money or effort or prayers to accomplish his kingdom work successfully today, but you need to give them.
  1. It took a long journey for magi to find Jesus. But they did find him. God made sure of it. If you’re still on a journey to find Jesus, or faith, or new hope … don’t give up. God is guiding. 

PRAYER: Grant me kneeling space, Lord Jesus, that I too may worship you. Accept the gifts I bring you today, yet teach me to bring even greater gifts tomorrow. Do not forget all those who are journeying through this life uncertain of your glorious grace. Lead them clearly and brightly to set their sights on heaven’s forgiveness and peace through Jesus. Amen.

FURTHER MEDITATION: Read Matthew 2:1-2 for the original account of the magi’s visit. Can you come up with a #11 lesson to learn from this true story?