We’re All Weather Experts

Pastor DaronCrossLife Blog

Everyone is concerned about the weather. No. We are actually consumed with the weather. 

We begin critical conversations and life-changing job interviews talking about the weather. Really?! We use phone apps that give us minute-by-minute weather notifications. We believe the weather is both urgent and important. 

What if you talked about Jesus as much as you talk about the weather? 

What if you used a Bible app to update your faith and knowledge as much as you use a weather app? Do you believe that you could be as much an expert in evangelism as you are an expert in the weather? 

We’re all experts in the weather, c’mon. “Red at night, sailor’s delight” … “It’s gonna be humid tomorrow, my knees are killing me” … we say with the expertise of a meteorologist. So be an evangelism expert. How?

“Go!” Jesus just sends you, because you can, because you should, and because you want to. You really do. And here’s why.

Jesus is willing to go every place, including your heart and life, and he has invited you to his forgiveness, to follow him, to a future home in heaven. You want that for others, too. Like Jesus, you will go where you’re needed, too. 

There will be a day when it’s too late. The harvest is going to happen, and you want the person you care about to believe in Jesus and go to heaven, not miss out on Jesus and heaven—in hell. Jesus was committed to coming to you before that time, and you want to be committed to others before that time, too. 

Jesus calls you his worker, and points to you as the answer to your own prayer for more evangelism workers. And Jesus is Lord so it means there is power and promise in this assignment from Jesus. 

Now, here’s the fine print: it’s not going to be easy. Evangelism includes some risk, and may even be dangerous. Jesus says, “Go! I am sending you out like lambs among wolves” (Luke 10:3). 

What risk will you take to invite your friend to church? What dangerous conversation or situation will you accept in order to tell your teammate or classmate about Jesus? 

How important is it to you? How urgent is it to you? As urgent and important as it is to Jesus? As urgent and important as you are to Jesus? 

PRAYER: Dear Jesus, I’m more of an expert in evangelism than I realize, because I know and believe in you. I ask for more passion and priority in my evangelism that invites others to believe in you and come to church. Amen.

EVANGELISM ACTION: Something to help you make evangelism more important and urgent is prayer. CrossLife is providing prayer cards. Details here