Who Are You Fighting For?

Pastor Daron CrossLife Blog

Think of your favorite superhero movie. The superhero isn’t a superhero without someone to fight for.

Notice I said someone, not something. Oh, there’s always something, usually something like saving the world. But there’s also always someone the superhero is fighting for.

Their gal. Their child. A victim of bullying. A neighborhood in need. A group of people victimized by injustice. Their lifelong friend. Their mom or dad.

Superman doesn’t just save the world, he saves Lois Lane. She’s worth fighting for.

Han Solo doesn’t just save the Republic, he saves Princess Leia. Harry Potter saves the Weasleys. So who are you fighting for? 

Like a World War II B 17 bomber is nicknamed “Pretty Princess” or “Sweet Caroline,” we thrive when we’re fighting for someone. So who are you fighting for?

I recently visited a friend whose father lay in critical condition in the ICU. My friend and his family were fighting for his father. Staying by his side 24/7 in shifts. Fervent prayers on his behalf. Holding onto every ounce of hope.

Often times, people living in their last moments develop a keen sense of this support around them, and it helps them. It encourages them. 

So who is fighting for you? How often do you feel unnoticed or underappreciated, while others get all the attention? When was the last time you faced injustice and it just wasn’t fair how you were treated—without anyone standing up for you.

“The Lord your God himself will fight for you” (Deuteronomy 3:22). 

I’m starting to see that this promise means more than God taking on our enemies in our place, instead of us. It can mean that, but it also means that the Lord God will do what it takes to rescue you, deliver you, come and find you so that you are saved. 

PRAYER: God, I need to fight on behalf of others who can’t fight for themselves. I need to stand up for them and with them, and ask for your help. As you fight for me, compel me to fight for others. Amen.

EVANGELISM ACTION: Connect to the story of a friend who needs Jesus and is fighting for someone. Compare that to Jesus who fights for them.