You Will Exist in Another Time

Pastor Daron CrossLife Blog

The Bible has a reason, beyond introductory information, for recording the exact time of the first Easter when Jesus rose from the dead “after the Sabbath, at dawn, on the first day of the week” (Matthew 28:1). 

To put it differently, God in his Word is politely stating, “Told you so!” Jesus had previously promised, “After three days I will rise again” (Matthew 27:63). 

The passing of time doesn’t just tick and then tock by the persuasion of the clock, or arbitrarily ebb away like sand through an hourglass. 

God created time when he brought the universe into existence. He defined a day as a 24-hour evening and morning. Then he showed off in Old Testament times when he made the sun stand still in the middle of the sky! 

Jesus promised that a certain amount of time would pass between his death and his resurrection from the dead—specifically, three days. And sure enough, on the third day Jesus rose to life, despite so many who mocked him. Even when he was dead, Jesus had power over time! 

Here’s the good news. Jesus wants you to live forever in heaven and says that when you believe in him, and then you die, you will be there. “Whoever believes in me will live even though they die,” he promises (John 11:25). It’s not a good idea to mock the God who controls time, death, and life.

Like Arthur C. Clarke, the famed science fiction writer who died over a decade ago, just before Easter. He was a visionary author with more than a 100 books about space, science, and the future, including “2001: A Space Odyssey.” He once denigrated religion as “a necessary evil in the childhood of our particular species” ( He later wrote, “Absolutely no religious rites of any kind, relating to any religious faith, should be associated with my funeral.” 

Clarke arranged to have DNA in the form of a strand of hair sent into orbit, hoping that, “One day, some super civilization may encounter this relic from the vanished species and I may exist in another time.” 

May? Ha!

You have a brighter future than this big-time author when, instead of mocking God, you give God credit for being in control of time and intervening one Sunday long ago so that your life will last forever. Believe that when you die on this earth your soul will live on, in heaven with Jesus.

More than that, believe that when Jesus returns on Judgment Day and ends this world forever, your body in the grave will be resurrected by God from the dead and join your soul in heaven forever. 

You will exist in another time. No need to send your DNA into space.

PRAYER: Risen Savior, as you came back to life on Easter Sunday raise me from the deathtrap of sin and guilt to live a new life today. As you came back to life, raise my body on the Last Day to join you forever in heaven. Amen.

FURTHER MEDITATION: These truths find emphatic expression in the Great Resurrection Chapter of the Bible, 1 Corinthians 15. Spend 10 minutes exploring that chapter. Pick one verse that inspires you most today. Share it with a friend, along with this devotion.